karen + steve

When it came to choosing our photographer, we knew right away we wanted A Guy + A Girl. I love their style of photography; a modern take to weddings. They have this perfect mix of photo documentary, meets fashion, with a touch of quirky romance and an eye for detail. For someone who gets real awkward in front of a camera, they made us feel at ease. They were such a great addition to our weekend wedding. They bring this positive energy that helps keep the day moving smoothly and with as little stress as possible. When we look back on the photos, Lauren and Michael not only captured our personalities, but you can feel the love and emotion from the images. The photos are amazing, and remind us of a day that was just for us.

abbie + eric

Since getting engaged, Eric and I have felt a ton of pressure to do things a certain way. We are not ones to buck tradition altogether, but many of the customs associated with engagements and weddings just don't suit us. Lauren and Michael didn't let preconceived notions about what engagement shoots are supposed to be dictate how they photographed us. They just saw us for us and captured honest images of who we are as a couple. They are such a true reflection of us. Needless to say, I love every last photo. If that makes me an unconventional bride, fine. I'm just thrilled we found photographers who wanted what we wanted. Thank you, thank you, thank you.

louise + steve

Lauren and Michael...
There are no words! We are overwhelmed and sitting here reliving the day through the eyes of you both. We didn't expect to feel so emotional looking back at them. They are beautiful! I didn't realize we looked at each other or our family the way that we do. It's beautiful and it's all thanks to you. I can't say it enough. The most talented people we have ever met. You are incredible! Thank you so much for making us feel so relaxed during our special day. Everyone commented on your laid back, calming natures and infectious enthusiasm. You have make our family extremely happy. Thank you, thank you, thank you 100x more!!!

tara + brian

Lauren + Michael are each amazing photographers and awesome individuals and together they make such a fantastic team. I fell in love with their photographic style and we were so thrilled when we found out they were available on our wedding date. They were so enthusiastic and responsive throughout the entire process. On the wedding day, they were so positive and professional and really helped us feel completely at ease on a fairly hectic day. And their photos are incredible and perfectly reflected the joy and energy of the day -- I couldn't believe some of the moments they captured (many I never even noticed). Would absolutely 1000% recommend!

erin + doug

Lauren and Michael were excellent to work with-- they were utter professionals. Lauren and Michael were patient and knew when to "coach" us versus when to melt into the background, capturing candid moments. Lastly and most importantly, their work is beautiful, creative, artsy and fun! We are absolutely thrilled with our photos! I've personally poured over the photos more times than is probably normal but I honestly think it's because they make me happy and bring me right back to a day I truly treasure.

jyoti + matt

Jyoti and I wanted to thank you again for being such an important part of our wedding day. People are already going bananas about the two pictures you guys posted to instagram yesterday and we can't wait to see what else you come up with. For real though, for someone who does not like to be photographed, you made it super easy and "pain free". Not only that but the locations you chose for us to shoot at (both during the engagement photos and our wedding day) were both quintessentially NYC, and more importantly, Matt and Jyoti. Thank you guys again for your incredible work.

meredith + josh

I don't even know where to start! We absolutely love the photos!!!! You guys are so talented, and really fun to work and be with! The endless time and energy you put into capturing our wedding day means so much to us. You went above and beyond what we could have ever imagined! You made us feel so comfortable, while also having fun and enjoying how special the day was. We love you guys and feel grateful to have met you, and so lucky to have had you photograph our wedding day! It says a lot that you guys were the last people there at the end of the night even after all the guests had left! Words really can't express how much we appreciate everything you did for us!

jan + ryan

THANK YOU!!! You were so awesome, easy, fun, and all around great to work with. Every family member and person in the wedding party were saying how cool you guys were and how easy you made it. You kept smiles on our faces even during the 100 mile per hour winds! We LOVE the pics!!! You guys did such a beautiful job capturing all of the special moments and people! We were laughing about what a trooper Lauren was taking pics of the speeches, crouched down in the front of the fireplace, barely even noticeable! I hope you didn't get any injuries on the wild dance floor!

We love Lauren and Michael! They were so warm, and took the most beautiful photos at both our engagement shoot and wedding. We had a very large, hectic wedding, and we couldn't believe some of the moments that they were able to capture. Aside from their talent as photographers, they were great people to work with and we really loved having them as part of our event!

cass + james

Lauren and Michael were awesome to have as our wedding photographers! When looking for a photographer, I knew I wanted a style that's a little different; not typical, cliched wedding poses. My husband is slightly introverted, so I also wanted people who were relaxed and wouldn't make us feel awkward in front of the camera. I knew from our first meeting that A Guy + A Girl fit the bill. Their fun, whimsical style is not easy to find. They arrived early on our wedding day and documented everything beautifully without adding any stress to the day. We got some really amazing shots and moments that i'm proud to display in my home and show our friends and family.

annie + alex

THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU! You guys are seriously the best! Lauren, you were my calming energy throughout the whole day and i don't know where to begin to thank you for that. I don't know what it was, but I just felt comfortable with you in an instant, and I feel so grateful to have met you guys and that we were lucky enough to have you with us on our wedding day! You are both fantastic, sweet, and super talented. Thank you again for the bottom of my heart! XOXO

jane layne events

Where do i even begin?! Thank you so so much for making what is sometimes the most annoying process, an absolute pleasure. The pre-wedding photos went so smoothly despite the large groups we had to accommodate. You weren't invasive at all, you were actually a pleasure and had so much great feedback from everyone. Those pics are going to be epic! Again, thank you so much for making Matt + Jyoti feel so comfortable and for doing an incredible job. --Jane Layne Events

des + ron

Lauren + Michael were complete professionals from beginning to end. As photographers for both our engagement session and wedding, they provided us with some amazing photos that were beautifully shot and well orchestrated, especially given the dynamic settings. They created a comfortable environment for us and were very understanding of the look and feel my wife and I were looking to capture. We highly recommend their services.

dana + joe

A Guy + A Girl Photo made our wedding day SO MUCH fun! It was super important to us to have vendors who felt more like friends and family. They made us so comfortable in front of the camera and gave us photos that were BEYOND anything we expected. They knew exactly what we wanted and were hilarious the entire time. 10000% book an engagement shoot with them as it helps to make them part of your day instead of "just shooting" your day.

liz + john

Lauren and Michael were nothing short of exceptional. As someone with an extremely busy schedule and with wedding planning in addition, Lauren and Michael were more understanding and responsive than I could have imagined. With both the engagement and wedding photos, they had an ease that couldn't help but make us smile. Truly making the experience of being in front of the camera so much easier. As i sit and look through all of the photos that they captured, i am amazed by the range of photos and the moments caught- especially those i didn't even see that night. They seemed to be everywhere... You, as a bride, tend to be so wrapped up in love and the experience that you can't possibly be a part of every moment; but Lauren and Michael captured everything so i can now enjoy every part of the day with my husband.

Lauren and Michael! OH MY GOOOOOOOD!!! I completely love our pictures! LOVE! You got so much done in such a short time! They really are wonderful. I'm so thrilled, and it's so nice to see the wedding from a different perspective. You guys did such an amazing job. THANK YOU THANK YOU!!!!!!!